I m Cookie

There are few things you need to know before you get to know me better:

  • I am a budgie and my name is Cookie.
  • I am 4 months old and I have a lovely family.
  • I am a very friendly bird.
  • I don’t bite but at times your big hands seem to scare me off. So, Please don’t mind if I am alert.
  • I am a bubbly bird and I chirp a lot.
  • I am an early bird.
  • My Dad is English and mum is Aussie.
  • I am a vegan as of now and hope to remain so.
  • I love eating herbs that grow in our backyard.
  • I just say hello to my girl friend everyday in the mornings. She stays close to our house, right on the tree top adjacent to my house.
  • I love to travel. Recently, I have been to Sydney for the New year and yeah, I have made my resolutions.

I will come back with more updates.

Until then, Please reach me at cookiethebudgie@gmail.com or I am on Instagram @cookiethebudgie




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